Valentine's Day Cakewalk

Valentine's Day Cakewalk

Valentine’s Day Cakewalk

The Parent Council will be hosting the annual Valentine’s Cakewalk again on Wednesday, February 14th. This year we will not be having the tea and strawberry shortcake for visitors, due to renovations. As always, we will be having a cake decorating contest for students, staff, and family members. The cakes will be judged at 9:00 on Wednesday morning and contest cakes MUST be in by then! Any cakes brought in later can still be part of the cakewalk but will not be part of the contest. Following are the details:


     The age categories for the cake contest are:

·         Pre-school - Kindergarten

·         Grades 1-2

·         Grades 3-4

·         Grades 5-6

·         Grades 7-8

·         Grades 9-10 

·         Adults


Winners of each category will receive prizes. The cakes will be judged according to the following criteria:


1.      Color: Do the colors add to the Valentine idea, are they appropriate for the cake design? (Valentine colors are red, pink, white, and chocolate)

2.     Icing: Is the icing smooth, does it add to the appearance of the cake? Fondant is allowed.

(Students ages 6 and under may receive help from an adult with the basic icing of the cake. However, all other decorations should be done on their own.)

3.     Cake Structure:  Does the cake sit up straight (not leaning or broken)? Does it have a flat top? Is the intended shape plain to see?

 (An adult is allowed to help with the baking.)

4.     Skill: Is the student/adult showing good skills for his/her age level? How difficult is the decorating style of the cake? Is it appropriately challenging for this age level?

5.     Appetizing: Does the cake look yummy to eat?


Keep in mind when making your cake that self-made decorations are worth more than candy or sprinkles in the contest judging. Please write your name and grade on the bottom side of the cake platter. Also, it is recommended to not use a platter that you want back. (Cardboard wrapped in tin foil works great!) Make it neat, do your best and enjoy the challenge! The times are as follows:

9:00      Cake Judging 12:35 Cake Prizes

1:00       Cakewalk Begins


The cost is ten cents a round. Be sure to bring your pocket change and win a beautiful cake! Tea, coffee, and strawberry shortcake will be served in the community room. Come out and enjoy!