Math 30-1

Please note: Most documents and announcements will be placed on Google Classroom. 

Course Outline

Teacher:       Miss Tjostheim

Location:      Menno Simons Community School VC1                             

  Time: Semester 1, Block 3

Purpose of the Course:

Math has many uses, and different types of math are useful in different areas. Math 30-1 is math that is useful for building logical thinking which is helpful in the Sciences, especially Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.

General Student Expectations:

  1. Students will come to class regularly, on time, and with all of their materials so that they can benefit from as much class time as possible;
  2. Students will respect theirs and each other’s learning by not disrupting each other;
  3. Students will keep their notes and assignments for review and study
  4. Students will work diligently in class, try their hardest, and complete their assignments.
  5. Students will ask questions if they do not understand any of the concepts.

Class Materials:

Textbook: iWrite Math Pre-Calculus 12 Mathematics Book (AVP)

Please bring your textbook to class every day, along with a pencil, an eraser, and a graphing calculator (TI-83Plus or TI-84Plus are recommended).  You may also wish to have grid or lined paper as there is not always enough room in your books to write complete answers.

Google Classroom: To help to cover the distance, we will use Google Classroom for practice questions, to provide, review or ancillary assignments, and to communicate feedback. The access code for this class is zy8ysz.

Assessment and Evaluation:

You will be assessed regularly through classroom observation and opening and closing questions. Your grade is based on your participation in practice problems, chapter tests, and diploma exam.


At the end of each chapter, you will complete a multiple choice and short answer test. These will serve as a summative assessment of your learning.  Questions will be based off previous diploma exams so that you know what to expect on your diploma exam.

Please let me know if you will be missing for a test. Students with excused absences may write the test immediately before or after their absence. Unexcused absences will result in a 0 grade.

Final Exam

Math 30-1 is a diploma course, which means the final exam is instituted by the government of Alberta. The diploma exam is scheduled for January 25, 2018.

Practice Problems

When each topic is finished, you will be assigned questions in your textbook. You will be given time to work on the questions that day and/or the next class.  

Please note, because your textbook comes with a key, it is essential that you show your work. If necessary, do the questions on a separate piece of paper. Your participation mark will be based on your completion of this work.


It is important to come to every class as each day we will be covering new information. Sometimes, however, absences are unavoidable. When this happens, please let me know as soon as possible, ideally beforehand, so that we can arrange a time for you catch up on your work. Grades on late assignments or missed tests will not be affected by excused absences (as determined by the teacher). Late assignments or tests from unexcused absences will result in a lower grade.

Staggered Start Time

Because the schools which participate in our class operate on different time schedules, classes start at different times on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:

  • HCCS will start class at 12:09pm and continue until 1:26pm
  • WCS and MSCS will start class at 12:30pm and continue until 1:47pm.

You are welcome to bring your lunch to class. The 20 minutes which are staggered will be reserved for asking questions and working on practice problems from the previous or current lesson.

Because of this unique schedule, it is essential for you to come to class on time so that you can get the most out of every minute of their 30-1 class.


There is a lot of material to cover in Math 30-1. In order to do well, it is essential to complete the questions at the end of each topic. Often, there will be time to practice these in class; however, if not, you will need to finish the questions on your own time before the following class.

Extra Help

It is okay to make mistakes or have trouble in math, but it is not okay to stay that way. If you are having difficulties understanding a particular concept or unit, it is best to come for help sooner rather than later.  Please ask me questions in class or send me an e-mail ( with what is confusing you. You can also ask me questions during Success/Flex Block. I will attempt to be at each school at least once a week during these times, weather permitting (WCS on Tuesdays, HCCS on Thursdays).

Test Rewrites will be available for each unit. You may request to complete one during a success block after finishing a test. In order to write it, however, you must have completed all of your assignments for the chapter. The recommended minimum grade for a test is 60%.

Course Schedule




Test Date

Functions and Relations


9 Classes

Sept. 15



10 classes

Oct. 2

Polynomial Functions and Equations


9 classes

Oct. 17

Analyzing Radical and Rational Functions


7 classes

Oct. 30

Trigonometry: Functions and Graphs


10 classes

Nov. 13

Trigonometry: Equations and Identities


9 classes

Nov. 24

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


13 classes

Dec. 13

Permutations and Combinations


8 classes

Jan. 9



















Parent/Guardians: If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to contact me at I will respond to these e-mails either before or after school each day. Alternatively, you may call the school 780-685-2340 from 3:45pm – 5:00pm.